Eclipse Hits the Trails!

Thank you to Tiffany for these pics of “Amazing” Eclipse hitting the trails!




MHARF Horses in Their New Homes!

Enjoy this gallery of photos of recently adopted MHARF horses with their new owners!

Banner, JoJo, Lakota Bay and Dreamer Enjoying Life in South Dakota

MHARF alumni JoJo, Banner, Lakota Bay and Dreamer (formerly Gretzky) are all enjoying life out in South Dakota where the climate is a little warmer! Jojo and Lakota Bay will be featured along with some of the kids from the Pine Ridge Reservation in a documentary for Swedish Public Television in the spring of 2019 (and you may recognize Thomas, Banner’s trainer from the 2018 Trainer’s Challenge). JoJo and Lakota, both mustangs, love the attention they receive from the kids. Thank you to Nicole and Thomas for the update and the pics!

Adoptions for all of the SCCH Horses!

Since we announced Twilight’s adoption in October, we have had several people contact us who knew all of the horses when they were at the St. Cloud Children’s Home. We just want to let everyone know they have now all found great adoptive homes! It has been just over two years since we took all 6 of the senior horses in when SCCH had to close their equine program. These horses spent many years providing comfort to kids during troubled times. We often hear from those kids (now grown up) about how much having the horses there meant to them. We are very happy to have been able to help SCCH when they could no longer keep the horses. Thank you so much to our adoptive and foster homes, our donors and our volunteers! We could not do this without the support of people like you!

Uno the Cat is Now a Much-Loved Member of a Family!

Thank you to Jess and Dan for this update on Uno the cat!
And once again, thank you to everyone who donated to cover the cost of the amputation surgery (he had been caught in a trap and needed all but one toe amputated on a front paw), and thank you at All Pets Vet in Zimmerman for their care!

“Uno has settled into his new family! He loves to be petted and is learning how to play! Watching nature from the inside is one of his favorite activities! He also gets along with his cat “siblings.” Thank you to the caring community that gave Uno a chance to enjoy his life!”–Jess