Rest in Peace, Scarlet

We are always sad to hear that one of our alumni has crossed the “Rainbow Bridge”, but we are thankful to Carla and her family for doing all they could for Scarlet and for knowing when it was time to make the final, kindest decision for her. We know if wasn’t easy and we are sorry for the loss of their beautiful mare.
“I wanted to let you know that Scarlet (formerly Christa) who we adopted in March of 2015 had to be put down in February after a long battle to recover from a deep digital flexor tendon injury in her right front leg. After multiple injections, treatments and attempts to allow her to retire and just be a horse we came to the conclusion that her level of discomfort was just too much to justify our wishes to keep her with us. We laid her to rest on our farm and she is sorely missed by her people and the rest of her herd (Penny Candy from MHARF and Johnny from This Old Horse). Scarlet was a chestnut mare in all her glory and a boss mare to the end. She loved to trail ride, do obstacle course competitions and even filled in at 4H drill team when needed. The last year she was sound we rode every one of the trails at Zumbro Bottoms during the month of May and she learned all the WSCA game patterns. We weren’t very fast, but she did all of the patterns like a champ!”

“It’s My Two-Year Zen-iversary”

Thank you to Haley for this happy update on her adopted gelding, Zen (formerly known as Henry) who originally came in during a November 2019 Chisago County humane case and was adopted in 2020. It’s
“It’s my 2- year Zen-iversary (renamed Zen, from Henry/Chisago County #5)! He’s such a sweetheart, and such an easy-keeper (he eats less grain than any horse I’ve ever had!) – it really is shocking, and heartbreaking that he was so emaciated upon intake.”

Maverick is fitting in very well at his new home!

Thank you so much to Carol for the update on the little Arabian gelding formerly known as “Jiminy Cricket” and now renamed “Maverick” by her grandkids! She reports that he is fitting in very well in his new home and is energetic, curious, and friendly.

“I adore him”

Thank you to Brenda for this update on her adopted MHARF horse, Bandit. She adopted Bandit after he competed in the 2013 Trainer’s Challenge w/ trainer Brittany Langager.

“Bandit lives at our home now, with an older gelding and 2 mini donkeys. I adore him. And the icing on the cake is that it turns out he likes to do casual trail rides, which is what I like to do.”

“Bug is our first horse, and a special mare at that.”

Thank you so much to Sara for sharing this update on her adopted MHARF horse Bug! (You may remember this little mustang mare from our 2015 Trainer’s Challenge where she and her trainer Maddie Kanda were winners of Third Overall Highpoint and People’s Choice.) We are thrilled to see how far she and her talented young rider have come!

“We adopted Bug four years ago and she is our main pony for our four children. We have been looking to add another as she and our daughter (Bug’s main rider) have really formed an amazing bond. We took an epic road trip to Lexington, Kentucky for a Pony Club festival and were able to witness their hard work together. I’ve included some pictures. Bug is our first horse and a special mare at that. I imagine she will be part of our family forever.”