“This has been one of the best choices of my life.”

A very nice photo update on Beau (formerly Flicker, who came to MHARF from a December 2017 Washington County humane case) from his adopter Shelley:
“This has been one of the best choices in my life 😊. He is so sweet, inquisitive and full of energy.”
Thank you to Shelley for giving Beau a great life!

“Della is doing awesome!”

“Della is doing awesome! We are getting along really well together and she’s coming a long way in the training I’ve been doing with her. We participated in the fair together and she did really well. We got 4 red ribbons and 2 white which is so amazing since I’ve had her for less than a year. She has been doing awesome at shows!” –Taylor

Rosie makes a visit to Stable Pathways

“I brought Rosie in for a (non-riding) lesson with Stable Pathways – she was amazing! Usually she’s unaware of personal space (ha ha!), but she was present and respectful and tolerant. It was exciting!” –Patti

“Ranger is a very happy boy.”

“We adopted Ranger (formerly known Oberon) in 2008. Last year we retired and moved to New Mexico where the weather is great for riding all year long! Just wanted you to know how much fun we’re having and that Ranger is a very happy boy. Here’s a pic of Ranger (the buckskin) and me along with Casey and our new rescue guy, Chief, who we adopted through Walkin’N’ Circles Ranch.”

A successful first show!

Congratulations to the Fedewa family and their adopted miniature horses from MHARF, Roger and Patsy, for their success at the Isanti County Fair 4H show! Patsy took home Reserve Champion for Showmanship and Grand Champion for Costume (she made a great lion!) and Roger took home a 1st in Showmanship.