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We at MHARF would like to continue to give everyone updates of the success stories on adoption. So please, if you have adopted a horse from us, please write and give us an update along with pictures of your horse from the MHARF!

Index of Testimonials
Page 1 Posted 8-6-14
Emily and Sticky
Tahopeka (Now T-Ko)
Page 2 Posted 8-6-14
Page 3 Buster Brown's First Show
Sherman's Transformation
Update on Sydney  
Page 4 Chloe Bounces Back
Testimonial by Carol Lindeman
Update on Confetti
Page 5 Nora and Kaylea
Dave's New Life
Jess and Thunder Zone
Page 6 Hoolie the Mule
The Blue Horse
Page 7 Rambo
Page 8 Chrissy
Page 9 Charlie Brown by Abby
Freya and the Williams Family
Page 10

Panzer Hits the Trail
Inshallah Settles In
Saraswatie: "Lovely... Grand Prix"

Page 11 Chico the "Homely Horse Poster" Pony
Katrina Becomes Bella
Page 12

Chief Concerto – AKA Frederick AKA Frodo
Update on Aiko – FKA Unbridled Bob
Ali Bayzar and the Duchscherer Family

Page 13

Guy's Story
Update on Buddy – FKA Gemini
Queen of Her Domain - Bella - FKA Katrina

Page 14

Maggie the Bunny
Update on Fred - FKA Chief Concherto
Update on Iquitos (Updated March 2011)

Page 15

Country Summer Breeze Update
Tusklaloosa Checking In
Update on Mouse (aka Pine County #12)

Page 16

Update on Guy (aka Mr Guyana)
Swank's (aka Saraswatie) New Career
Daisy's Update

Page 17

Snoops the Cat Enjoys a Good Puzzle
Phineas Re-Enters Dressage Show Life
Update on Prancer

Page 18

Murphy Goes Sorting
Update on Vegas (fka Reba)
Picture Perfect Lace Update