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Breena is pretty gray grade Arabian mare came to MHARF in spring of 2020 because her owner could no longer keep her. She is 6 years old and approximately 14.2hh. She is not broke to ride and has not had a lot of work on the ground in the past–but she has a nice temperament and manners.

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Mabel is a mini donkey jennet who came to MHARF from a June 2020 Brown County owner surrender case. She was pregnant, malnourished and dehydrated at intake. She gave birth to Bingo on 06/19/20. They had to be taken back to Anoka Equine Veterinary Services for emergency care shortly after but are now at the MHARF farm in our rehab program.


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Bingo is a mini donkey jack who was born 06/19/20, just a few days after his mother Mabel came to MHARF from a Brown County owner surrender case.  Because of Mabel’s malnourished and dehydrated state at intake, Bingo did require some in-patient care at Anoka Equine Veterinary Services shortly after birth. They are now back at the farm in our rehab program. Bingo has some ongoing issues that we are working with a veterinarian to assess.

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Aviator is a pinto miniature horse who came to MHARF from  June 2020 Brown County owner surrender case. He was a stud at intake but has now been gelded and is looking for a new home.  Aviator is a nice boy who wants to be friendly–he just hasn’t had a lot of handling in the past and is still a little scared of new things.

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