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Shiloh (Sherburne County #402)

Shiloh is a black gelding in his early to mid-twenties. He came in from a recent Sherburne County case. He is an extremely sweet and kind boy who spent many years as a camp horse. Shiloh has the teeth of a senior horse and will require a lot of mash as he can no longer eat hay. He will be having all of his dental work done so we can get his teeth back into the best shape possible.

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Amari (Amari has been Adopted!)

Amari is a sweet bay Arabian mare who stands 14.2hh and was foaled in approximately 1998-99. She is well broke to ride and is suitable for a child or a small adult for lighter riding. She is a timid mare with other horses and tends to be at the bottom of the pecking order so she needs a home where she will be kept with a kind companion or in her own paddock. She is currently getting grain twice a day and will need this to continue.

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Fritzy (Adoption Pending)

Fritzy does have an adoption pending.

Fritzy is a medium pony gelding who was foaled in approximately 2000. He originally came to MHARF as a yearling and was adopted. He was recently returned because his adopter could sadly no longer keep him. Fritzy has been used for lead line rides but needs further training to be ridden independently. Fritzy (like most ponies) should be kept on a  dry lot.

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Secret Black

Secret Black is a paint gelding in his late teens who was originally adopted form MHARF in 2009. He is a nice gelding and is well broke to ride. However, he requires a joint supplement and is best suited as a companion horse or for light riding.

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