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Carlton County #1 Gray Mare (Deceased)

(Please note: this mare is now deceased). This 2-3 year old mare came to MHARF in July 2019 from an ongoing Carlton County humane case.  She was obviously in pain at intake and she was taken to Anoka Equine Veterinary Services where she had radiographs taken to check for ring bone.  The radiographs showed very advanced ringbone in 3 of 4 limbs.  Because of the amount of pain she was in and because of the advanced nature of this debilitating,

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Skip: Carlton County #2 Sorrel Colt

Skip is yearling colt who came to MHARF from a July 2019 Carlton County humane case. He was extremely malnourished at intake and was also treated for pneumonia. He is now doing much better and has now been released from in-patient care at the clinic. Now he just needs to concentrate on gaining some much needed weight (which shouldn’t be a problem now that he doesn’t have to compete with other horses for his food).

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Quinn is a beautiful buckskin gelding (most likely a quarter horse cross) who was foaled in approximately 2006 and who stands 14.3hh. He originally came to us from a 2013 humane case. He was very thin and had been kept in a stall with another horse who had beat him up pretty badly. He had large hematomas and cracked ribs. He had also not had much farrier care (and had possibly been handled roughly while having hooves trimmed) and was terrified of being trimmed. 

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Bill is a 2011 Haflinger gelding who originally came to MHARF in 2014 after having been abandoned in a park reserve. He stands 13 hh. Bill was adopted but has been returned to us. He has a really nice temperament. He has been started under saddle but is still very green and needs training. We would recommend him at this time for an experienced rider. Bill tends to be on the heavier side and needs to be kept off of pasture grass for the most part.

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Latte (Latte has been ADOPTED!)

UPDATE: Latte has been ADOPTED!

Latte is a 14.2hh buckskin welsh cob gelding who was foaled in 2014. Latte is broke to ride but has developed some “scooting” issues under saddle. We have determined these issues are not pain related. Latte may have been rushed in his training and is confused about what is being asked of him. He needs to be restarted by a patient, gentle and experienced trainer.

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