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Sonny Hits the Trails!

Thank you to Katlyn for this update on Sonny (sorrel pictured on left)!

“Took Sonny to Maplewood today! It was a gorgeous day and he did amazing!! Although he wasn’t a fan on the water initially, he loved it after. Sonny never ceases to amaze me. He will do just about anything I ask of him with a little persistence. As our bond continues to grow, I can see the trust forming in us.

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Update on Mr. B!

Thank you to Cindy Theiringer-Werronen for this update on Mr. B!

“My wonderful Morab, Mr. B, which stands for Big Beautiful Brilliant Bay, sometimes Butthead Boy. My Trail riding buddy Adopted from Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue many years ago and still going strong. Thank YOU MHARF!”

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Brooks (deceased)

Sadly we had to make the decision to humanely euthanize Brooks (who came to MHARF during a May 2017 humane case) due to severe joint damage and soft tissue injury to both front legs that was detected through ultrasound. We suspect this damage occurred due to very hard use in the past and the injuries were never treated. Had they been treated in time it is possible that Brooks would have recovered. He was in a great amount of pain and his treatment team regretfully decided the most humane thing to do was to put him down.

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Jelly (Jelly has been Adopted!)

Jelly is a 2013 15.2hh registered Saddlebred mare (reg. name “Jus Sayin”) who spent the spring and summer of 2017 in training with trainer Lauren Novak for our 2017 Trainer’s Challenge of the Unwanted Horse. The competition was on Sept. 16th and Jelly and Lauren took Sixth Overall High Point! Jelly was graciously donated to MHARF when we had to pull another horse from the Challenge competition due to lameness and needed a replacement horse.

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