Roma (Roma has been adopted!)

Update: Roma has been adopted!

Roma is miniature mare who came to MHARF in a November 2018 humane case. She is relatively unhandled and her foster home is working on getting her used to people. We will have more info on her soon. (Roma does have an adoption pending once she is taken out of the rehab program.)



Fiona is a B-Size mini mare who was foaled in 2013. She originally came to MHARF in a 2015 humane case.  As a yearling she had been tied with a makeshift halter made of baling twine and tied to a post. As she grew, the twine became tighter and tighter, eventually burrowing into her skin and becoming infected.  Luckily, she was eventually able to break away from the post she was tied to and escape the property. With the help of local law enforcement, we were then able to get all of the equines off of the property. Fiona was adopted but she has now been returned because her adopter can no longer keep her. She is bonded to another mini mare, Dolly, and we would really like to find them a home together.



Summit Dazzling Dolly

Dolly  (reg. with AMHR as Summit Dazzling Dolly) is a 34″ pinto mini mare who was foaled in 2007. Dolly was adopted but is now looking for a new home. She does have in-hand show experience. Dolly is bonded to another mini mare we have available, Fiona, and we would like to see them find a home together if possible.


Rain Dance Ruby (Ruby has been Adopted!)

Rain Dance Ruby is a very nice 2003 15.2hh American Saddlebred mare who originally came to MHARF from a Pine County humane case.  She competed in our 2011 Trainer’s Challenge with trainer Natalie Payne. She was adopted but has been returned to us because her adopter could no longer keep her. She is now back in training with Anna Hill. She did have some driving training back in 2011 but has not been driven since that time. You can follow her progress with Anna Hill on her Facebook page Here!

Appaloosa Lady

Update: Happily, Lady’s owner has been able to take her back so she is no longer in need of a new home!

Appaloosa Lady is a pretty mare who was foaled in 2005 and stands 14.2hh. She has come to MHARF for placement because her owner can sadly no longer keep her. She is broke to ride and is most suitable for an advanced beginner or intermediate rider as she does have some get up and go. She is a sweet mare with good ground manners. We will have more info on Lady soon!