Bailey (Bailey has been adopted!)

Bailey has been adopted!

Bailey is a POA mare (Pony of the Americas) who was foaled in approximately 2005. She was adopted from MHARF as a young horse and has now been returned because her adopter can no longer keep her. Bailey is not broke to ride. She is also blind in one eye. As of October 2021 she is in training with Anna Hill of Longstocking Stables. Watch for updates!

Willie (Adopted)

Willie is a standard donkey Jack who was born on 08/09/21. His mother Cagney came to MHARF in May 2021 from a McCleod County humane case in which we worked with Minnesota Federated Humane Societies to assist an owner who had to many animals and could no longer provide the care they needed. Willie has now been weaned (March 2022) and gelded (April 2022).


Raymond has been Adopted!

Raymond is a standard donkey who was born in approximately 2017. Raymond was surrendered to us as intact jack from a May 2021 McLeod County humane case through Minnesota Federated Humane Societies by an owner who had too many animals and needed assistance. He has now been gelded and he is friendly but still a little cautious with handling. He has badly neglected hooves and has required some special farrier care to get them back in shape. Raymond would love to find a new home.



Mini Molly (Molly has been Adopted!)

Update July 2121: Molly has been adopted by her foster home!

Molly is a miniature mare (approximately 36″) who came to us in May 2021 from a Freeborn County humane case through MN Federated Humane Societies. She had been running loose for quite awhile with her owner unable to catch her. She was in desperate need of farrier care and veterinary care. Her hooves have now been trimmed and we are pleased to say she is not showing signs of laminitis at this point. Her foster home says she is already beginning to trust people as well. She will need some more recovery time before she is available for adoption so we can be certain there will be no ongoing lameness issues. Watch for updates!

Carter (Adopted)

Carter is a larger pony (approximately 18 years old, 14hh) who came in as a stallion on 04/26/21 from a Carlton County humane case. He was living in horrible conditions with no turnout whatsoever. We want to thank Investigator Oquist from the Animal Humane Society of MN for assistance in this case. We also want to thank everyone at Anoka Equine Veterinary Services for their care and for the “makeover” Carter received. He has now had a dental float (he had some extremely sharp, painful points–see photo) and he has been gelded. he is putting weight on nicely and will soon go for a training assessment.

Update October 2021: Carter started training with Sarah Helms of Step Up Horsemanship but on her recommendation we pulled him out of training so he could continue to gain strength and muscle tone. As of February 2022, he has not been back under saddle but he is doing well and could certainly continue his training!