Ruby (Ruby has been Adopted!)

Update: Ruby has been ADOPTED!

Ruby is a 14hh red roan registered quarter horse mare who was foaled in 1995. She is very well broke to ride but because of her age and size requires a youth or very small adult rider.


Chickadee (Chickadee has been Adopted!)

Update: Chickadee has been Adopted!

Chikadee is pinto mare who was foaled in approximately 2004. She is an intake from a May 2020 St. Louis County humane case. She was underweight, had severe diarrhea, and she had untreated and infected wounds from being caught in barbed wire. We cleaned and wrapped her wounds, which have now healed. She has put on some much needed weight due to proper nutrition and parasite control,  and she is currently being assessed for training level.


Nadia (Nadia has been Adopted!)

Nadia has been ADOPTED!

Nadia is a small pony mare who is approximately 12 years old. She came to MHARF as a surrender from an elderly owner who could no longer care for her. She needs some rehabilitative hoof care but does appear to be sound. Nadia also has some skin allergy issues we are working on.

Jet (Jet has been Adopted!)

Jet is a miniature horse who came to MHARF as an owner surrender. He was a cryptorchid stud (undescended testicle) so was scheduled for castration surgery at Anoka Equine Veterinary Services. He will then require stall rest. (Lucky Jet already has an adoption pending with his foster home!)

Rudys Cabello (Adopted!)

Rudys Cabello has been ADOPTED by her foster home!

Rudys Cabello (Magic) is an off-the-track thoroughbred mare who was released to MHARF in March 2020 case from the estate of an owner who could sadly no longer care for her. She was foaled in 2013. She is currently in our rehab foster program because of an issue with a hind foot. We will post more info soon.