Teddy (Update: Teddy has been adopted!)

Teddy has been adopted!

Teddy came to MHARF from a late March 2019 Fillmore County humane case. Teddy was in relatively good condition compared to the other equine in the case and has been placed in an adoptive home. You can see links to media coverage of this humane case on our Home Page.

Ava (Fillmore County Pony Mare) Ava has been ADOPTED!

Update 04/26/19: Ava has been ADOPTED!

This large pony mare came to MHARF from a late March 2019 Fillmore County humane case. She is currently experiencing some hind quarter weakness and is receiving veterinary care. We do have an adoptive home as a companion horse set up for her as soon as she is ready.

Luta (Student of the 2019 MHARF Trainer’s Challenge)

Luta has been ADOPTED!

Luta came to MHARF from a March 2019 Fillmore County humane case. We have placed her with trainer Shaylor Alley for our 2019 Trainer’s Challenge.  Luta still needs to gain some weight and we want to thank Shaylor for  taking her as his Challenge horse even though she still requires rehabilitation time. Shaylor will work with Luta and give her the nutrition and rehab care she needs while also starting her training on the ground. When she is ready he will start her under saddle so she can compete in the Challenge on Sept. 7th and find a new home. You can follow Luta’s and Shaylor’s journey on their Facebook Page .

Click Here for trainer bio and contact info for Shaylor.

For more information on how to adopt a Trainer’s Challenge horse Click Here!


Hank and Henry (Update Hank and Henry have been Adopted!)

Update 12/29/18: Hank and Henry have been ADOPTED and are no longer available.

Hank and Henry are two mini donkeys who came to MHARF because their owner was ill and could no longer keep them.  They are both yearlings and are now gelded. We would like to place them in a home together.

Galileo (Galileo has been ADOPTED!)

Galileo is an adorable mini gelding who was foaled in 2005 and stands 36″ tall. He has experience giving pony rides while being led but we need to do a training assessment before we know if he can be ridden independently or if he needs more training to do so. He has had good handling in the past and has great ground manners and he leads very well. He is a little wary of dogs and will spook a little bit if one runs up to him–but he is getting much better with more exposure to them. Galileo is a tad bit overweight right now and will benefit from a limited diet of grass hay. Like all ponies and minis, he should have a home where he will mostly be on dry lot during the warmer months so he doesn’t gain to much weight and/or founder on too much rich pasture.