Chloe Bounces Back

She was weak as a kitten with her back bone, withers, ribs and hip bones protruding from her skin. There was no flesh to spare and you could see the neck bones through her hide.

Chloe BeforeChloe After

They didn’t want her any more – didn’t know why she was so thin! Shame on them! Chloe is 20+ years of age and of Appaloosa/Thoroughbred breeding (she touts Secretariat blood lines). Her problems were quite simple. No one had looked at her teeth in a coons-age and deworming was nonexistent; she also had a severe uterine infection.

After routine veterinary work was performed including teeth floating, worming and antibiotics to clear up the infection Chloe (as seen by the after photo) has taken on a tremendous amount of weight along with a marvelous hair coat.

Chloe was adopted and is now serving her community as part of the Sherburne Mounted Patrol!

Hurray for Chloe!

Update on Sydney

Sydney came to Sleepy Hollow Farm in the fall of 1999. He had been given to the Mn Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation because he was not wanted. Still a stallion and full of attitude, little did I know that he would be where he is today.

syd-world-show-smBecause he had such a bad attitude (and that the MHARF has a policy about breeding), Sydney was castrated. He began his training in 2000. Since he had such a busy, quick mind it was hard to put him to task so his handler (Carol Lindeman) taught him tricks. This worked and Sydney took to it like a duck to water. His harness training was really a breeze. Carol and I showed him in 2001 and really had a fun season with the MPtHA. He received year end MPtHA awards of:

Champion Color Mini A; Res Champion Halter; Res Champion Driving.

Ruby Kennedy came on board to show Sydney in the Open classes in 2002. And what a splendid year we had – even holding our own at the Pinto World Show in Tulsa, where Sydney placed in every class entered.

Our 2002 year ended with:

Champion Color Mini A; Res Champion Halter Mini A; Res Champion Pleasure Driving Mini A; Hi-Point Overall Mini A, and – standing 3rd in the Nation for Halter Mini A for the 2002 show season.

Now coming 8 yrs of age Sydney hasn’t slowed down a bit and neither have Ruby and I. Sydney will again compete on the MN Pinto show circuit – and, will travel to the Pinto World show!

Testimonial by Carol Lindeman

shadrack1The Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue is a nonprofit organization that rescues hooved animals that have been abandoned, neglected, abused or improperly cared for. This is a story of how our family acquired two such horses through the MHARF. I have been riding, training, and showing my horse doing dressage for many years. This past winter I boarded him out to have the use of an indoor arena so I could continue training throughout the winter. In the February rain and ice storm my horse slipped on the ice and went lame. I tried several good vets and even the U of M to treat the lameness to no avail. He was still lame after two months of evaluation and treatment. By mid April I knew I would not be showing him this season, if ever.
Meanwhile, Pat Holm of the MHARF, the owner of the barn where I had boarded, was following my plight in sympathy. I had not considered getting another horse to replace my beloved partner of ten years. When a horse was put up for adoption and brought to her barn, she thought we would make a good match. He was a beauty, ½ Arab, ½ Saddlebred and in the past, trained for dressage. He’d been sent to MHARF because the owner had to give him up. She wanted him to go to a home where someone would work him and love him.

smileyPat Holm is like a “cupid” and excels in finding people to adopt horses and ponies from the rescue, beautifully matching horses and ponies to humans. She knew our family had recently lost our 31-year-old horse. The horse had been my grandson’s baby-sitter and we wanted a pony to replace him. I had had my hopes dashed when my horse went lame, and about the same time the ½ Arab was donated, a pony became available. Pat knew, with her expertise, that these animals would be taken into our hearts, and that they were right for our family.

Well, we adopted both the horse and pony and it was a successful match from the start. I now had a horse to ride, and began retraining him. Soon afterward, I began showing him and won all my classes. We named the pony Smiley, (because of an accident that caused a scar on his lip giving him the appearance of smiling).

I worked Smiley for my four year-old grandson, and the pony is turning out GREAT! He is gentle, pretty, and safe. We showed him in a pony show recently, getting a ribbon in all classes.

The conclusion to this long story is: the Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue is operated to rescue animals and adopt them into suitable, approved new homes at an affordable price. You too can adopt a wonderful animal companion for your child, a show horse for you, or just a good friend.

Respectfully submitted, Carol Lindeman.