A new life for Star!

We love this update! This is Star who came to us in December of 2019 because her owner was ill and could not provide care for her. We were asked by a kindly neighbor who had been feeding Star to take her in. The catch was that she had been a lone horse for almost her entire life and had not been handled in many years. We did not have any space to spare at that time and she was quite far south of us, so we put a call out for experienced people willing to catch, load and haul a horse with no training, and also for a foster home willing to work with her to have intake vet and farrier care done. The response was huge and within days we had hauling set up (thank you, Janette and Craig!), as well as a foster home who would help her safely learn to be around other horses again (thank you Robin and David!), and provide vet and farrier care (thank you to Dr. Kirsten of Sunrise Equine!). In the spring Star was entered into the 2020 Trainer’s Challenge w/ trainer Shaylor Alley where they took home 6th Overall Highpoint. She was then adopted by Robert and Shannon and she now lives the good life with her best buddy Rolo. Shannon and Robert report that they love her and she makes them smile every day. Thank you so much to everyone who made Star’s journey possible!

“He seems to know he’s landed somewhere safe.”

Thank you to Erin for this update on Georgie (formerly known as Quincy) in his new home:
“He’s doing so well. He lets me catch him every day and is LOVING all the attention he’s getting. We are just easing into working together so spend a lot of time getting scratched and special treats right now. The vet came today and confirmed his weight is on track, and how smart and sweet he is (which his Mom and many Aunties already knew). We have also discovered that he is much calmer with head rubs from little hands.
Thank you all for saving him. He seems to know he’s landed somewhere safe.”

The Making of a Strong Partnership!

Thank you so much to Kris for sending this update on her adopted MHARF horse Raindance Ruby (American Saddlebred mare):
“Over a year and half ago I adopted Ruby. So hard to believe it has been that long! Our partnership is a strong one now, working through the rough patches with Anna’s (#Annahillparelliprofessional) guidance.
Ruby is still at her barn while I continue to take lessons from Anna. I get to see all the horses from the rescue that come through her barn (Longstocking Stables) and get adopted out, just like Ruby.”

Update 01/04/21:

“I wanted to send a few photos of Ruby for you to share as you wish. She has come such a long way since I adopted her and the bond we have formed unlike anything I could have imagined as a first time horse owner. Thank you for the important work you all do!”

Merry Christmas for Edgar, Sherlock, Margalo, and Mick!

Thanks so much to Laurelyn and Bobbie for sharing these great holiday photos of their horses Edgar, Sherlock, and Margalo, and donkey Mick Jagger (all 4 adopted from MHARF)!

Harry and Buckwheat: Best Friends

Thank you to Harry and Buckwheat’s family for this update on “the boys”.

“It was 8 years ago tonight that Harry (black pony) came in to the rescue during a humane case. We think he is now nearing his 28th birthday! He is extremely attached to his best friend Buckwheat (also adopted from MHARF). Buckwheat, who is missing an eye, likes to stay right by Harry’s side (except when he’s relaxing in the breakfast pile).”