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Ali Bayzar Update

ali bayzar update 2

Ali Bayzar, 1994 straight egyptian Arabian gelding, adopted in 2008 from MHARF. He is 21 years old now and still enjoys strutting his stuff. He has the sweetest, most honest disposition ever and is definitely a once in a life time horse. I am so blessed to have him in my life. I always encourage anyone I know to adopt a rescue horse. I believe they know the second chance in life they have been given and have so much to offer

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Here’s an update on Jute who came in almost 10 years ago during a Todd County humane case! Thanks Alexandra!


“Hope you guys are doing wonderful! I just wanted to send you a little update on Jute. I adopted him from your organization almost 8 years ago and he has taught me so much over the years. He is now what we guess is about 20 and has gotten over most of his fears.

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Penny Lane

penny laneI adopted this young lady from you a couple years ago and wanted to give an update. I bought a new home in October and she’s finally in my backyard and doing well. We are working on lunging and realizing the bit won’t kill her. She is so smart. She keeps me on my toes! We have the ultimate bond as she also does with my very old mare from my youth. Can’t thank you enough and wanted you to know she is being very well taken care of.

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