Sophie (Now deceased)

We were contacted by several people who had seen this poor teenaged mare listed for sale in southern Minnesota. Some volunteers arranged to purchase and transport her. From the photo and description in the listing it looked like she needed some help, but it was in no way obvious what her true condition was until they arrived to pick her up. When she nearly went down during loading, we set up an emergency appointment at the vet clinic (thank you so much to the veterinarians at Anoka Equine for allowing us to bring her in on a Sunday). Radiographs showed severe arthritis in the large hock joint of both hind legs, possibly caused by septicemia as a foal or some other untreated infection. She was in extreme pain and after conferring with the veterinarians the decision was made to have her humanely euthanized. You can view a video of Sophie walking HERE.



UPDATE 07/23/20: we have a sad update on Benjamin.  After consulting with the veterinarians treating Ben, we made the decision to humanely euthanize him last night. His pain level had risen to a point where pain meds were no longer able to control it. A venogram showed that there was no longer blood flow to the right front toe and the hoof had begun to slough off at the coronary band. Once again we want to thank everyone at Anoka Equine for their excellent care of Benjamin. He was a really sweet horse and quickly became a favorite among the staff. We are still gathering forensic evidence for charges in this case. Thank you to everyone for their support and kind wishes for Benjamin over the past 5 days!

UPDATE: 07/22/20: Benjamin is still at Anoka Equine and his blood work looks better. His appetite is good and he is still bright and alert, but he is also still very weak. He had initial farrier work yesterday to make him more comfortable (he has some rotation in his coffin bones and very thin soles) and was fitted with front padded clogs (the blood on the right front is from an abscess on the coronary band). His temperament remains very sweet and he is definitely a fighter. Thank you to Dr. Snyder, farrier Mark Thorkildson, and to all of the wonderful staff at Anoka Equine for the excellent care, and thank you to everyone who has donated towards his care. We will post updates as we have them.

Original Intake Post: Benjamin came to MHARF on 07/16/20 from a Carlton County humane case (thank you to Investigator Oquist from the Animal Humane Society of MN!).  He is currently hospitalized at Anoka Equine Veterinary Services where he is receiving i.v. fluids for dehydration and i.v. antibiotics for a high white blood cell count. He is also severely malnourished but he is eating and is bright and alert–so he is definitely a fighter! Watch for updates.


Leo is a gray grade quarter horse gelding who came in during a November 2019 Chisago County humane case. He was foaled in approximately 1996 and stands 14.3hh. He is currently in a foster home and has put on some much needed weight. Leo was also diagnosed with Cushing’s disease and it is being controlled very well with medication. Leo did have laminitic episodes in the past and radiographs do show signs of rotation. He requires front shoes because of this. He is very well broke to ride and is currently being used as a lead line horse in the lesson program at his foster home. With his shoes Leo is comfortable, but he should only have smaller riders and do light riding on soft surfaces.


Kanabec County #1 Yearling Colt (Melvin)

This  coming two-yr-old colt came to MHARF from  Kanabec County humane case in which we worked with the Animal Humane Society of MN. He was suffering from severe malnourishment, hypothermia, and dehydration at intake. He was taken directly to Anoka equine Veterinary Services for emergency care but sadly he did not survive.



Zip is a nice palomino gelding who was foaled in approximately 2007 and 15.3hh. He came to us from a St. Louis County humane case in 2019. He is now in decent body condition. He was treated for heaves at intake and had recovered from that episode after initial course of treatment with dexamethasone. However, when he went back into training in spring 2020 he again became symptomatic and is requiring treatment.  Zip is a friendly gelding with great ground manners. We were told Zip was broke to ride at intake but he was most likely hurried in his initial training and developed some issues (such as evasive behavior, spinning, etc.) He is now being restarted by Marirose Berner of MJB Horse Training. We will post more details on his training as we have them!