Atticus (Pine County Donkey #7) is a gelded 2010 standard donkey jack who came to MHARF during a June 2017 Pine County humane case. This case involved 6 other donkeys, all of whom had not had any veterinary or farrier care for many years.  Because of this neglect, several had hooves so long they could barely walk. Being the youngest of the herd, Atticus wasn’t in quite such dire condition. However, he did have severely misshapen hooves and has required specialized farrier care. Atticus still has some trust issues although he has come a very long way since intake! He is still difficult to catch and does require a knowledgeable handler. Atticus is still in rehab but we would consider adopting him out to the right home with donkey experience. He has not been separated from his friend Tansy and they are extremely bonded so we prefer they be adopted together if possible.

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TomTom is a nice black pony cross who came to MHARF in an August 2017 humane case. He was a malnourished stallion at intake but was gelded and has spent the last several months gaining weight and getting the care he needs. He was born in approximately 2010 and stands 13.2hh. TomTom was not broke to ride and was placed in our 2018 Trainer’s Challenge of the Unwanted Horse with trainer Elizabeth Robins. He was stared under saddle but it was discovered that he had ongoing pain issues in his back. He has been receiving veterinary and chiropractic care but we have determined that he will most likely never be comfortable carrying a rider. He is a nice pony and could possibly make a light driving pony or a good companion. We want to thank Elizabeth for all of her help with TomTom over the summer!


Brooks (deceased)

Sadly we had to make the decision to humanely euthanize Brooks (who came to MHARF during a May 2017 humane case) due to severe joint damage and soft tissue injury to both front legs that was detected through ultrasound. We suspect this damage occurred due to very hard use in the past and the injuries were never treated. Had they been treated in time it is possible that Brooks would have recovered. He was in a great amount of pain and his treatment team regretfully decided the most humane thing to do was to put him down.



Walker is a 2002 Appaloosa gelding who stands 14.1hh. He is not broke to ride.  Walker has some lameness issues in one of his hind legs due to an old injury.  He is enjoying pasture in his foster home this summer and we will assess his lameness again this fall.


Celeste at Intake

Celeste at Intake

Celeste is a 1997 gray Arabian mare who stands 14.3hh. She has a fantastic temperament and is very friendly. She was extremely thin at intake in January 2015. She has now gained quite a bit of weight back and is enjoying the grass at her foster home! We have determined that Celeste is not broke to ride, and due to some weakness in her hindquarters and her age we probably wouldn’t recommend she go through any under saddle training. We are looking for a home as a companion for this very sweet old mare!