Secret Black

Secret Black is a paint gelding in his late teens who was originally adopted form MHARF in 2009. He is a nice gelding and is well broke to ride. However, he requires a joint supplement and is best suited as a companion horse or for light riding.


Madre is a bay Arab mare came to MHARF from a July 2019 Crow Wing County humane case. Luckily she isn’t in terrible condition as far as weight goes, but she was no longer being cared for by her owner and was removed along with many other companion animals. Madre, who is in her early 20’s, was recently diagnosed with EOTRH (Equine Odontoclast Tooth Resorption and Hypercementosis) She is currently being treated for this and we will have updates soon.



Etan: Carlton County #3 Gray Stallion (DECEASED)

Update: We are extremely sad to say that we had to make the very hard decision to have Etan euthanized.  We consulted with multiple veterinarians. The consensus was that Etan’s fetlock joint could not be saved and to put him through difficult anesthesia (due to his body condition), lengthy surgery, and long recovery period (while trying to keep him immobilized and manage his pain), was not the humane thing to do when the probable outcome was a less than 15% chance of ever being sound and free of pain. As much as we would have loved to keep this beautiful boy around, euthanasia was the only unselfish option.


This 8-9 year old stallion was signed over to MHARF on 07/25/19 in an ongoing Carlton County humane case. He has an older, infected injury to a hind leg, We are currently having him vetted and will post updates on his prognosis soon!

Carlton County #1 Gray Mare (Deceased)

(Please note: this mare is now deceased). This 2-3 year old mare came to MHARF in July 2019 from an ongoing Carlton County humane case.  She was obviously in pain at intake and she was taken to Anoka Equine Veterinary Services where she had radiographs taken to check for ring bone.  The radiographs showed very advanced ringbone in 3 of 4 limbs.  Because of the amount of pain she was in and because of the advanced nature of this debilitating, progressive disease, the decision was made after discussion among the MHARF team and the veterinary team that the most humane option for this poor young mare was euthanasia.

Ma Barker (Fillmore County Red Dun Mare)

This red dun mare came to MHARF during a late March 2019 Fillmore County humane case. She was extremely emaciated at intake and had an older bay colt at her side. The colt has now been weaned and she is able to put all of the calories she is receiving towards gaining weight. This poor older mare (in her late teens) is not so sure she wants much to do with people right now. She has been coming around very nicely with kind handling and regular feeding. We are hoping to find a foster or adoptive home for her–some place where she can have her own safe space and access to her own food without having defend it from other horses for now. She has some trust issues and definitely needs a place with experienced horse people. To read more about this case, please see the links to media coverage on our Home Page.