Wisp (Graduate of the 2017 Trainer’s Challenge)


Update: Wisp has been adopted! Congratulations to Wisp and TJ Clibborn for being our 2017 Trainer’s Challenge 5th Overall High Point Winners!

Wisp is a beautiful black mare who was foaled in 2013 and stands 14.1hh. Wisp came to MHARF during a 2013 humane case with her mother Liberty. We don’t know a lot about Wisp’s breeding but her mother was a large pony size pinto. She is a very refined little mare. She is not yet broke to ride and will be competing in our 2017 Trainer’s Challenge of the Unwanted Horse with trainer TJ Clibborn. She will be available for adoption the day of the Challenge (September 16th) by silent auction to pre-qualified bidders. To learn more about becoming approved to bid at the Challenge please see Adopting a Trainer’s Challenge Horse. You can follow Wisp and TJ’s journey Here!





Wisp at intake

Royal (Royal has been adopted!)

Royal is a handsome sorrel gelding who was foaled around 2006 and stands approximately 14.1hh. We are unsure of his breeding but he appears to possibly have some Morgan in him. He is broke to ride and has done some trail work. He is quick and can be a little reactive to things–so does require an experienced rider.

Boone’s Bandito (Callie) Update: Boone’s Bandito has been adopted!

Update 03/17: Boone’s Bandito has been adopted and is no longer available.

Callie (Boone’s Bandito) is a 2002 registered paint mare who stands 15.2hh. Callie’s previous adopter is going to vet school (which is extremely time-consuming!) and would like her to find a new home where she will have consistent  work. This is a really nice mare who has been extremely well cared for. She is suitable for a confident intermediate rider, has done western pleasure, and would make a really good trail horse. She neck reins and moves off of leg pressure. She recently attended a Liz Graves clinic in Iowa. She does need someone who will work with her consistently because she can become a little pushy and anxious without regular handling and work. She does better in turnout (with shelter) and does not like being stalled. She is used to being blanketed in the winter.  Callie also loads well and stands well for vet and farrier.

Emilia (Graduate of the “Promise of the Future” training competition)

Emilia and Kem Timlin Promise of the Future Third Overall High Point Winners (with Karla Hancock)

(Update 10/02/17: Emilia has been adopted!)


Emilia is a bay White Sands mustang filly who came to MHARF in December of 2016 from a South Dakota humane case (from the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros. You can find more details about this case HERE). She was relatively unhandled at intake but she is now halter broke and friendly.  Emilia was foaled in 2015.  This summer Emilia is competing in our Promise of the Future training competition with trainers Kem Timlin and Karla Hancock.




Francisco (Update: Francisco has been adopted!)

Francisco is a bay White Sands mustang who came to MHARF in December of 2016 from a South Dakota humane case (from the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros. Click Here to read more about this case). He was foaled in approximately 2014 and currently stands 14hh. Francisco was relatively unhandled at intake but he spent the summer of 2017 in training with Mikayla Billin for our Promise of the Future training competition. You can follow Mikayla and Francisco’s journey Here!